The Executive Council on Diplomacy in Washington, D.C. is an unparalleled platform for Americans and international diplomats to foster productive relationships through substantive programming and cultural events.


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In an increasingly volatile world, building relationships based on mutual understanding and respect has never been more important. Since its founding in 1962, ECD has offered a unique and intimate platform where the U.S. private sector and foreign diplomats can engage in candid discussion about their countries’ institutions, policies, economies, and cultures.


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Benefits of sponsorship include a variety of both formal and informal events that contribute to meaningful, cross-cultural exchange.

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Events range from lecture discussion meetings with relevant and influential keynote speakers to visiting America’s historic sites such as Gettysburg, Monticello, and the National Archives.


"The Executive Council on Diplomacy is an organization where the international diplomatic community can meet U.S. business and U.S. business can meet and understand the world.”

-Dr. Trevor Gunn, Vice President, International Affairs, Medtronic, Inc. and Chair, ECD Board of Directors